Our "Fur" Family
Stonehill's Colors of the Wind
March 26 1995-Sept 1 2009
Our wannabe Golden Jake would like to introduce you to our kids.
Stonehill's Million Dollar Baby
This is our "silly Millie"  Our special needs puppy. Twin to Marley. They both had pneumonia at 6 weeks.Millie was diagnosed with a grade 4 murmur at 8 weeks and both had abnormal portal systems. Millie also has PRA and at 2 years sees very little. Her sister is waiting for her at the bridge. But no matter what life has thrown at Millie she remains a happy butt wiggling puppy and we love her.
Our beautiful Poco has gone to join our other angels.Our hearts are heavy . She was so special and we miss her every day

Poco is the queen bee at Stonehill. We have been blessed with 13 years of Miss Poco or as we call her 'poke in the nose". She has 5 pts including a major in the show ring. She gave us beautiful puppies. We appreciate very day we have with her.
August 19 2005-Dec 24 2009
On Christmas Eve we made the difficult decision to set Millie free. She is now whole and healthy running with all the Stonehill dogs especially her sister Marley. She will always be our happy puppy who defied the odds and gave us 4 wonderful years. Run Free Sweet Millie

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